Current Study

Adolescent Eating Behavior Study

Are you a Parent or Guardian with an Adolescent Girl Age 12-18? You and your child may be eligible for our study on adolescent growth and eating behavior! 

This study involves one 3-hour visit to the Yale Child Study Center at 230 Frontage Road in New Haven, CT for you and your adolescent.  During the visit your adolescent will do an EEG (a procedure that measures brain waves on the scalp) while she plays some computer games and fills out questionnaires.  You will fill out some questionnaires.

Compensation:  Your adolescent will be paid $70 for her participation in the study.  You will receive $10. This study is non-invasive, safe, and no medications are involved.

To know more, please email, or text 203-689-3966. Please mention the “Adolescent Eating Behavior Study” in your message or email.

To determine whether your adolescent is eligible, please complete a 2-min survey at the link below and we will get back to you soon:


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