Print a 48×36 poster at Yale CCAM for $18 and 45 min!

Thanks for tips from Dr. Helena Rutherford @hjvrutherford ! I was able to print my poster for SRCD2019 for $18 at Yale CCAM. It took me 45 min to figure out what to do at the self-service but everything worked out!


  • Inexpensive! $1.50 per square foot. A 48×36 poster costed $18. It’s printed on premium luster photo paper which looked the same as the ones from any commercial services.
  • Quick turn around. The first time figuring out took maybe 30 min. Then just wait for the printer to do its work, which took ~10 min.


  • The poster is not laminated. It’s printed like a giant photo.
  • If the width/height was not 44 inch, you may have to cut off some white space off the top/side of the poster once it’s done printing.
  • It’s a self-service. You have to follow the instructions to do it right. So if it’s your first time, give it some figuring-out time.
  • It’s a self-service. You’ll have to roll up your poster and tie it yourself.
  • It’s a self-service. During spring break it didn’t open till maybe 10 am. In general it should open early and close late.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to 149 York Street. You can park at the meters (need to pay) in front of the building on York street. Yale ID can get you in the door.
  • On the first floor, go down the long hallway and find room 113, which has sign for ‘Media Lab’. Usually the door should be open. The door was locked for me (Spring break) and my ID couldn’t get me in. Later on some one worked there opened the door for me.
  • On the wall it had some instructions for printing.
  • You can log in using netID and password on any of the work stations. Open your file, then follow the instructions.
  • Two notes: 1. I followed all except no.6 which I couldn’t locate where the options were.2. The widest printing width was 44-inch using printer “CCAM03”, which was narrower than my poster’s width 48-inch. Then I just set the paper size to be width-36, height-48, and it worked out fine.
  • Hit print and then go to the right top corner “Paper Cut Blue Print” –“Details” to release the job, during which you would also be prompted to pay through the paper cut program of your account (linked to your netid), which could be instantly funded by a credit card.

Happy Printing!

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